Jason's client was charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Assault after an incident involving her and her step-father. As is common in many domestic assault cases, there were multiple differing accounts of what happened. Jason's client stuck to her story that she was attacked by her step-father and was merely defending herself. The step-father said that Jason's client attacked him.

Jason filed a self-defense motion and set the case for a jury trial. Despite being offered a Petty Misdemeanor plea to Disorderly Conduct, Jason's client was adamant that they were innocent and refused the offer.

Jason was fully prepared to present the case to a jury. However, the day before trial, the prosecutor dismissed all charges against Jason's client.

A plea to a Petty Misdemeanor would have been a fantastic outcome for Jason's client. She would have only had to a fine and the file would have been closed. She would never have been placed on probation. By hiring an experienced trial attorney who isn't afraid to take a case all the way to a verdict, Jason's client got an even better outcome.