The Consequences Of A Domestic Assault Conviction

The state of Minnesota makes it illegal to intentionally harm or cause the death of a family or household member. Its domestic assault charges are applied when the relationship between a defendant and the person he or she is accused of harming is one of the following:

  • Parent and child
  • Blood relatives
  • Current and former spouses
  • Former and current co-habitants
  • People who have parented a child together
  • A pregnant woman and the alleged father
  • Any two people in a romantic or sexual relationship

The category of domestic assault includes criminal charges with life-altering consequences if you are found guilty of them. The attorneys at Migala Law Office can guide you through the justice system after a domestic abuse-related arrest. They will construct a defense that challenges the weakest parts of the state's case against you.

Domestic Violence Convictions And Their Aftereffects

It is important to take any arrest on a domestic assault charge seriously. Some of the potential impacts of a conviction for this type of charge include:

  • Escalation of second and third offenses to gross misdemeanor and felony levels, respectively
  • Mandatory attendance of batterer intervention groups
  • Lifetime ban on gun ownership
  • A criminal record that can make passing background checks for jobs or housing difficult
  • Restrictions that prevent work in the health care, education and other sectors

If a protective order is taken out against you, you must follow its restrictions exactly or face jail time and mandatory counseling. Repeated violations can result in felony-level convictions, with longer sentences and steep fines.

Preserve Your Reputation And Your Rights

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